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more reading

I love getting paid to read at work when it's slow.

I started off by finishing Siege of Darkness by R.A. Salvatore. It's yet another D&D Drizzt story. This one takes place in Menzoberranzan and Mithril Hall during the Time of Troubles. If you have no idea what I am talking about, that's OK. It was good, but not great.

I have been a long time since I have actually been in a D&D campaign. I got hooked back in 8th grade, and my parents burned all of my stuff in a wheelbarrow in the back yard. I was crushed, but it's probably for the best. All I did was study the manuals every day. Of course I played again later, but the total immersion factor was gone.

Hmmmm. My parents also severely restricted my sugar habit, and now I eat a pint of Edy's almost every day. Heh.

The second book was Prince Ombra, by Roderick MacLeish. A very interesting find at the book exchange, from 1982. According to this book, every major battle between good and evil involves the same hero. This time, it's an 8 year old boy. I quite enjoyed it.

And now I am reading Floaters, by Joseph Wambaugh.
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