hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

vicarious living through TV

The recent episodes of Scrubs and ER have been draining. On Scrubs, Elliot had to decide between her soul mate and her career. Neither choice was a good one. In the end, she broke up with Sean. It's not the choice I would have made.

On ER, Dr. Greene is dead, and there is a huge void in the ER. Dr. Weaver can't handle it, and Carter will be expected to fill his shoes. Unrealistic, and possibly dangerous.


And hotmail is being annoying. It REALLY wants me to upgrade to 10 megs of storage, and started bouncing emails back as soon as I hit 2 megs. I archived a lot of the emails, and now have more breathing space. Whew.

Lela's mom wants to come over and take some pictures of my freezer, since it is filled with pints of ice cream. She can't find her camera, though...
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