hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

books, ER, and music

I read The Angel of Darkness last Thursday, by Caleb Carr. It's the sequel to The Alienist. The setting (1897) seemed realistic, and the plot was interesting.

Thursday night, Sean and I watched Friends, Leap of Faith, Will & Grace, and ER. ER was great! To me, it seemed to be some sort of homage to The Breakfast Club. Five of the staff were sent to a sexual harassment seminar on Saturday, after playing around (and getting caught) with a bag of equipment brought in by a dominatrix. We got some insight into the characters, as well as their motivations. Carter was such an ass! It was very amusing to watch.

I listened to Under the Pink all Saturday night. I couldn't get to sleep for a long time. My mind just wouldn't relax. Grrrrrrrr.

On Sunday, I read a book of sci-fi short stories. I also read the books of John and Exodus. The difference between the old testament God and the new is quite astonishing. For being omnipotent, omniscient, etc., God is petty, manipulative, and egotistical in Exodus. He was going to kill Moses! Later:
"Moses, you will free the Israelites."
*sends a plague*
*hardens the heart of the Pharoah*
*repeats six more times*
And how many of those plagues killed all of the Egyptian livestock? Sheesh.

I set up my changer to just play "and all that could have been" all Sunday night. And I made a Blood Bowl team based on it here.

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