hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

LJ songs and poems

I have been procrastinating long enough. I don't want to post the same song twice, although I have already done it once. Oops. Backdating this to 1/1/2

3/26/01 the great below - by nin
4/5/01 If It Be Your Will - by Leonard Cohen
4/10/01 Fumbling Towards Ecstacy - by Sarah McLachlan
4/16/01 Faith - by the Cure
4/25/01 Five-O - by James
4/28/01 Insight - by Joy Division
5/7/01 Out To Get You - by James
5/15/01 Where You Are - by October Project
5/20/01 And So Is Love - by Kate Bush
5/27/01 Untitled - by the Cure
6/3/01 American Dreaming - by Dead Can Dance
6/8/01 Shiver - by Coldplay
6/11/01 the Whole of the Moon - by the Waterboys
6/18/01 Do What You Have To Do - by Sarah Mclachlan
6/22/01 Spirit - by Dead Can Dance
6/27/01 Trouble - by Coldplay
7/2/01 Twenty Four Hours - by Joy Division
7/9/01 the Beast - by Concrete Blonde
7/10/01 the Dream - by John Donne
7/15/01 To Have and To Hold - by Depeche Mode
7/24/01 In a Manner Of Speaking - by Martin Gore
7/29/01 Strange Attraction - by the Cure
8/6/01 If I Could - by October Project
8/14/01 Keep Me From Harm - by Peter Murphy
8/20/01 Wendy Time - by the Cure
8/28/01 Winter - by Tori Amos
9/1/01 Ce he mise le ulaingt?/The Two Trees - sung by Loreena McKennitt
the words are by William Butler Yeats
9/5/01 Landslide - by Fleetwood Mac
9/11/01 Don't Fade Away - by Dead Can Dance
9/17/01 Sara Smile - by Hall and Oates
9/23/01 Snow In Summer - by the Cure
10/1/01 If I Could - by October Project (oops)
10/8/01 Wish You Were Here - by Pink Floyd
10/14/01 Advent - by Dead Can Dance
10/21/01 Shape Of My Heart - by Sting
10/28/01 Fear Of Ghosts - by the Cure
11/7/01 From the Edge Of the Deep Green Sea - by the Cure
11/17/01 Me - by Paula Cole
11/24/01 Good Enough - by Sarah McLachlan
12/6/01 Flagpole Sitta - by Harvey Danger
12/9/01 where is everybody - by nin
12/17/01 Ice - by Sarah McLachlan
12/26/01 Mayonaise - by the Smashing Pumpkins

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