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The World Cafe had a 10 year special on today, with a performance and interview with Tori from 1992. It was quite nice - just her and a piano. She played Leather, and then talked about the separation of love and lust. She spoke about growing up in a Christian home, and the guilt, etc. that were associated with sex. I totally understand. It's amusing that my three siblings and I all grew up in that environment, and yet I am almost totally certain that all of us have had premarital sex. I don't feel guilty about it. I do feel bad about having sex without love, but I think it was better for me in the long term than wallowing in my misery regarding Lela.

She sang Crucify next, and talked about the hostility she encountered when performing. Her honesty and openness were threats to her audience, and they reacted accordingly.

And she finished off with Silent All These Years. Wonderful lyrics. It makes me want to listen to her again, even though I know the songs by heart.

"years go by, will I still be waiting for somebody else to understand?"
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