hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Happy V-Day to me

Well, since I am single, I decided to be my own valentine. I went into Bryn Mawr with Sean, and bought myself lots of stuff. First we went to Showcase Comics, which is having their annual St. Valentine's Day Massacre sale from the 14th until the 24th. I bought all of the old Mage comics for Mike, 2 new issues of Transmetropolitan, 2 issues of Knights of the Dinner Table, #2 of the new Dark Knight series, and the Rising Stars graphic novel, written by J. Michael Straczynski. I also bought some Mage Knight boosters, and one starter. When I have lots of cash on my person, I am a very impulsive buyer.

We had lunch at a little restaurant, and then went to Repo Records, where I picked up the Dead Can Dance compilation. 3 CDs, and I have all but a few of the songs already. However, I certainly don't mind adding 3 more DCD discs to my 300 disc changer. Next, I bought some fresh chocolate chip cookies at Hope's Cookies. Mmmmmmmm...

At Borders, I asked a person in the music department if they had any of the limited edition nin 2 disc sets. He checked on the computer, and said they were all out. Well, a few minutes later, I ran into a friend of mine that works there, and told him that they were sold out. He disagreed, and went and got me one from behind the counter. Yay! I also bought the Jane Siberry album, "When I Was a Boy," which has the song Love is Everything. I also bought the nin DVD, the Maggi, Pierce, and E.J. "Blue" album (dedicated to and inspired by the life and music of Jeff Buckley), and the DVD movie Innocent Blood to add to my vampire movie collection.

Whew. It was a pain to carry it all home. Hehehe...

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