hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

another day

Work was a bit stressful, but that was Yuriy's fault. The corporate inspector was at the Downingtown and West Chester stores, and could have come to our store as well. Yuriy was sick as a dog, but refused to leave, even though I asked him to. He stayed an extra ninety minutes for no good reason. Oh well.

I read through a lot of the World According to Garp. I didn't feel like starting a new book today, and that is one of my favorites. It is devastating.

Sean and I just finished watching Friends, Will & Grace, and ER. ER was depressing. The choices these people are making with their lives. The events that are going on with or without their consent. Ugh. That abused woman was really exasperating. Knowing that she should leave, but not being able to on her own. So Abby helps her and gets beaten up for her troubles. People suck.
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