hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

ups and downs

Business was booming at Pizza Hut tonight. I didn't get to read much at all. Boo. Hiss. People are actually buying those crappy P-zones. It's amazing what people will eat as long as it's on special. I am actually warning regular customers away from the P-zones, and getting them to buy pizzas instead. Most are appreciative.

"P.S." was just played on my Launchcast station (http://launch.yahoo.com/). Yay. Now it's playing "For My Fallen Angel," by My Dying Bride. This song is SO bad that it's good. Hehehe...

I thought about Sarah periodically today. I hope she is coping on her long journey cross-country. I think CP is good for her in the short term, but not long term. It's definitely a safe place for her to be. She has a family that she lives with, and a decent support system. However, it's a substitute for an actual life of her own, and I don't think she will be able to grow and mature while she is there. It's her choice though.

I will continue to take the harder path(s).
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