hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

back from the Magic prerelease

Ugh. Sean, Charlie, and I went to the tournament with no idea what the new set would be like. It's always fun to try out new cards and combinations. I had a few good games, but my deck did not like me, and I almost always got too much mana or too little. Charlie and I dropped out after records of 1-2, and joined another sealed deck tourney. I was forced to wait for 15 minutes while my opponent was busy elsewhere, and then had the two worst games of the day. The first game denied me green mana, and the second only allowed me two mana for the quick beatdown. Charlie won his first round, but since Sean was done his games, we both dropped and just waited for Sean to get his free booster packs. Then we went to Peace a Pizza, where we all ate slices of barbecued chicken pizza. Sean and I got milkshakes, and I bought a LOT of fresh chocolate chip cookies.

The day could have been better, but spending time with the two of them is always fun.
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