hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

talking to Sarah

Sarah sent me an email survey last night. I sent back a reply with my answers before I went to bed. Our responses were sometimes exactly the same, and other times wildly different. The last question was, "Did you say the whole truth?" Her response was, "YES" and mine was "of course - why would I lie?"

So I logged on around noon, while I was waiting for my father to show up for lunch. And Sarah was on. She changed two of her answers today, which made me wonder why her last answer was all in caps. The only other question that she answered in caps was, "Do you believe in God?" and her response was "TOTALLY!"

Anyways, I told her that I think I have figured out the crux of our problem(s), and her response was "Damn! Robin is here... I have to go." We will have to talk about it later, I guess. I called my father, since it was around 12:15, and he was stuck in the office, and couldn't make it for lunch. So I went back to bed for three and a half hours.

Now I am a little late for work. Oh well.

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