hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Jane Siberry

Echoes (http://www.echoes.org) started off tonight with "It Can't Rain All the Time" by Jane Siberry from the Crow soundtrack. Echoes is a very mellow show that plays on WXPN (http://www.wxpn.org or 88.5 on the radio if you are near the University of Pennsylvania) weeknights at 11pm. Halfway through the show tonight, they interviewed Jane and talked about her latest compilation.

Jane is an artist that I rated very highly on launch.com but I don't actually own any of her CDs. I do love quite a few of her songs, and since I upgraded to a 300 disc changer, I now have room for her. I will have to look for her albums the next time I go to Borders.

On a side note, the Wil Wheaton Lunchbox sold for $253.49! Wow!
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