hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,


Wil Wheaton is selling a ST:TNG lunchbox on eBay!


I was browsing the Stile Project, and I saw this:

"Just happened to be looking at actor Wil Wheaton's website today, which he actually created and writes himself, and saw this:

My friend Debra also came to the show, and she brought her cousin, who gave me a stile project T-shirt, which I wore proudly to the new job today. It was very funny to watch people look at it, and realize that they knew what the website was. I'd say the recognition was split about 50-50 between "That site is SICK!" and "That site is FUNNY!"

Good work, Stile, Wil "Stand By Me" Wheaton wore your t-shirt to his first day at a new job at some video-game cable network or something. Wil Wheaton. And what's even shittier, his site is actually interesting, well-done, and somewhat entertaining. At least Steve Guttenberg's site still really sucks."

So, I went over to Wil's site, and saw this:

"Good morning, everyone! I just have a minute, this morning, and I wanted to make a few announcements.

*I've had this auction up on eBay for about a week, and it's ending in 1 day, 12 hours. I just thought I'd remind anyone who wanted to check it out."

This is too funny.
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