hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

next, on COPS

There was something big going down in the Paoli Village Shops Wednesday night, but we were unsure what, exactly. A LOT of police officers were in the parking lot, in front of the Goose Creek Grille, so I went outside and watched the fun. They yelled at someone to get down on the ground, and there was quite a bit of milling around.

I didn't want to interrupt their fun, so a couple of Pizza Hut drivers and myself watched from the store and guessed that a drug bust had just happened, since so many police were not in uniform.

I asked one officer around 2am, while walking home from shopping at the Acme, but she had just gotten on to the shift, and didn't know.

Tonight I talked to an officer that I did know when he came in for a personal pizza. He loaded the information up on his onboard computer, and we were right! It was a drug bust. As I was reading, he said "This information is not for public consumption." I felt pretty cool.


Also, Sarah called while I was at work. Yay!
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