hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

uh oh

Yuriy called me from work at 7:30, even though he is supposed to be on vacation. A Pizza Hut corporate checkup occurred today, and Bob apparently flipped out and quit. He has had dealings with Joe Zito before, and I guess something set him off again. Greg left too, after getting in trouble for wearing jeans, but I don't think he quit. Joe gave the store a 30%, but Yuriy mollified him, corrected some problems, and brought it up to a 70%.

Now that Bob is gone, the district manager wants me to work on my vacation. Well, too bad. Yuriy stuck up for me, but he did ask me if I could work. I told him I don't mind being asked, but I need this week off. He knows about Sarah and the distance between us, so he is OK with it.

More info tomorrow, hopefully.
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