hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

stress at work

Well, today was... trying.

I knew that Dave was probably going to be a little late, but come on! He is supposed to show up at 11am. I finally call him on his cell phone at 11:28.
"I just got off the phone with Pep Boys and I just got off the phone with my mechanic."
"When will you be in?"
"Probably around 5."
"WHAT? And when were you going to tell me this?!?"
"I just got off the phone with them."

Does Pep Boys open at 11:30? Nope. He's just a lazy ass.

So I left a message on Doug's answering machine, and eventually got Vasily to come in to cover for him around 3:30.

Around 1, the new IT person called from Duckrey's main offices. (We are a franchise, not a corporate store.) He says "I can't connect to your computer with PC Anywhere." Well, I don't think that's even on our computer, but I try to help him. I end up doing a cold reboot for him, but still no luck. Unfortunately, that stopped the printer for the pizza orders from working. When I called him back, he claimed it was a hardware problem. Grrrrrrrrr.

So I rebooted again, and now all of the terminals are not working! And people are ordering. My patience was wearing very thin. I called the home office to ask for help, but got the runaround or else "I don't know." The new district manager wasn't very helpful either. Eventually, I was told to call another Pizza Hut and ask them. That worked, as someone there knew the 1-800 number to call. The help desk person figured it out almost immediately. Turn off the computer AND the server for 30 seconds. Tada!

When Yuriy came in a little before 4, I quickly related how the day had gone and then ran out the door. Lo and behold, but who should be coming in but Dave. Yippee.

Tomorrow, Yuriy starts a one week vacation. If this is how it starts, I am not too thrilled. Also, I will be working 8am-6pm tomorrow. Bleh.

Sarah called tonight. I was on the computer listening to Dido with a headset, and had no idea that she was on the phone. Luckily, Mike came over and poked me. She sounded great, and it looks like her computer MAY get fixed on Friday. I hope so.

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