hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

work related fun

Well, two things happened today that are worthy of note.

I went in around 3:30 and started getting ready for the dinner rush. Around 4:15, Greg came in and turned on the radio. He likes the 70s station, so he put it on. It was playing "Sara, Smile" and it made me smile.

Later that evening, a woman called up and asked whether there was a special on two medium pizzas with just cheese. I informed her that there was not, but that the second pizza is always discounted. Then she decides to tell me that she has a lot of coupons, and makes me wait while she picks which one to use. Keep in mind that I am the only one in the store that can answer the phones, make the pizzas, and ring customers up. So, she decides to use a "2 mediums with up to 3 toppings each" coupon for $14.99. I ask her if she wants them to be just cheese. Pause... "Since the coupon says up to three toppings, can I have mushrooms on one?" "Of course." Anyways, I tell her that the total will be $15.89 with the coupon, and it will be ready in fifteen minutes. You know what's coming, right?

She shows up without the coupon. I tell her that the total will be $17.89 ($1.89 more, plus tax). She says "But I have a lot of coupons at home." I reply, "I know." Then she asks if I have any coupons lying around. I reply in the negative. Then she says she only wants one pizza. I tell her that the order was for two pizzas, and that the total was $15.89 with the coupon. So, she hands me a $20, and says "You're a nasty SOB. I am never coming to this store again." I paused, then handed her back the $20, took her pizzas back and said "Have a nice day."


It made my night.

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