hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

an email from my ex

Well, I got an email yesterday from my love, but it had no good news. Here is the relevant part:

"i can't imagine being in a relationship now, though. every time i write or think of writing i feel i should apologise to you for not being who i was three years ago- and i don't mean that snidely- for not giving myself to you. i don't feel i have anything to give now. please forgive my clumsy diction- i'm sure i could word things better but they're ugly anyway. it seems so surreal writing to you as if we barely knew each other, but maybe we really don't. i would love to hear about anything going on in your life, if you want to write.
i hope you find someone who can give you what you need. i wish you were happy.
always with love."

I REALLY want to write back to her, but I don't have anything new to say. I miss her. I love her, and I am in love with her - and she does not reciprocate. Part of me is screaming inside again... "This is not fair, this is not fair, this is not fair"

"Life is sad, and so is love..." Kate Bush
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