hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

some happenings

I finished Shardik yesterday, by Richard Adams. I started reading it right after Watership Down, when I was but a wee lad. Well, I couldn't get into it at all back then. This time around, it was an enjoyable read. I prefer the bunnies, though.

Also, I brought my mix tapes into work again. Nine hours of some of my favorite songs makes for a happier Steve.

Sarah's birthday is coming up. I think I will send her copies of them. I hope she likes the songs.

Last night, I made a bet with Angel about the number of large pan pizzas we would need. He made ten extra ones when he came in, and I told him I didn't think we would need them. For every one that we didn't sell, he would owe me a dollar. For every one that we did sell, I would owe him a dollar. So we even out at five. Damn that guy who called around 9 and ordered four of them! Hehehe. Angel was so happy when we sold 8 of the 10 and I paid him $6 at the end of the night.

I miss talking to Sarah. I miss Sarah. I think about her a lot.
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