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interesting things

I bought a 301 disc changer on Tuesday. Sean and I were at Radio Shack looking at headsets for the computer, when he noticed that the changer was on sale. In the book, it was $300, but it was listed on the shelf at $250, and was $50 off. That was irresistable, so I bought it for $200! That is less than what I paid for my 200 disc changer. Sean will be getting my old changer, so he is happy. On an amusing side note, when I told my other roomie what I had bought, his first question was what I was going to do with the old changer. Sorry, but Sean is my best friend. He gets first dibs.

I finished reading The Stranger, by Albert Camus. I didn't like the story at all, even if the Cure did write a song about it (Killing an Arab). I much preferred Charlotte Sometimes (as a book that the Cure made a song of). The character in The Stranger was pathetic, and yet I could relate to how he felt, which is part of the reason I disliked the book. I have done many stupid things in my life, and I do not have any logical reasons for some of them. In my defense, most of them were while I was an adolescent. The fact that he finally appreciates life after it is too late is so true.

Skittles actually curled up in bed with me the other morning, for a whole three minutes! He is NOT a lap cat or a bed cat, so this was huge. He has his name for a very good reason, and it's very hard for him to stay on something that has a human also. If you watch TV while sitting on the couch, he will sit on a different cushion, but never the same one as you. So I was very happy. I am a total cat person. I like dogs on an individual basis, but I love cats.

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