hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

communication is key

90% of what Sarah and I say never gets into our journals. We spend a LOT of time talking on the phone and over MSN Messenger. I went online around 1pm to see if she was on, and she was! So we chatted, and I was late to work. Hehehe...

We have reached a plateau for now. First she touched my brain, then my heart and spirit. My body will have to wait until the end of December. Obviously, there is some frustration regarding that, but it is balanced with anticipation. Since we have declared our love for each other, the pressure has lessened, at least for me. Just knowing that she is out there makes my life better.

I am not looking for Sarah to save me. I am looking for an enrichment of both our lives, and a deeper understanding of who we both are. Also, I can't wait to hold someone again. It's been a long while...

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