hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Scott and his emails

Everyone has at least one person that forwards them all of the silly jokes that spread through the Internet. I am lucky enough to have two people that filter out most of the crap. They are Scott (the guy who sang with Kyle at the wedding) and my sister Kerry.

Scott sent me this today:

and later, this:
I was just thinking/remembering the time that you and I were hitting the helium tank at What's Your beef.
You OD'd and passed out and almost fell down the stairs in the kitchen. One of the chefs came out and freaked out. He wanted to know why I had hit you. He thought I knocked you out because I was standing above you. I was looking at you, half laughing, half in shock. I just got finished laughing my head off. Don't know why I thought of it again.... Anyway, it was good seeing you Saturday. I will get in touch with you. shoot me your #.

I had totally forgotten about that incident. Hehehehehe...

Right now, Sarah is sending me virtual kisses, and I am kissing her back. She sent me some very nice emails, as well...
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