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Well, I had very disturbing dreams today. I even went to bed early to catch up on the sleep I lost recently. It didn't work, thanks to the dreams. Why do I dream of her so often?

I know the answer to that one. I still love her. She still doesn't communicate at all.

I apologize to anyone that has tried to talk to me the past couple of days. My roommate Mike has taken his brooding online, and my other roommate Sean is being sucked into Arcanum. I find it awfully annoying that Mike works as a tech coordinator at a huge company, earns twice what I do, and yet can't get our three computers on to the same DSL connection. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

I read Certain Prey over the last two days. John Sanford is a fun author, and this was one of the better Prey books.

I still want a new girlfriend, but I doubt I will find one any time soon. Hopeful, yet wary. Not a good combination to appeal to most women I meet. That Nelly Furtado song is really pissing me off. The idea that love is transitory frightens me. I want a love that will grow stronger, not "fly away" from me.
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