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Off for the week. Yay. Very little planned, as a vacation should be. Couple of movie days at my house with friends/coworkers, especially after I found out several of them have not seen Love Actually, Notting Hill, & About a Boy. Hugh Grant day is Tuesday.

Been playing EverQuest again, not really sure why. 10 80s in WoW kinda turned into work, so back to old school. EQ really is a masochistic exercise, but it's how I learned MMOs, so... Speaking of which, there's a free EQ thingy at project1999.org - a trip back in time. A LOT of my old guildies are playing, and I feel the slight tug to join them, but I prefer getting more toons to 85 and being filthy rich. Current levels in EQ are 85, 85, 82, 76, 50, 49, and assorted lowbies.

The Stieg Larsson book series was great. I have the Swedish movie preordered for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I wish they had kept the original title though. Men Who Hate Women was much more descriptive. Currently reading another trashy Anita Blake novel, Skin Trade.
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