hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Love - by a wants to be nameless Sparkmatch user

Did you ever love someone and know they did not care?
Did you ever feel like crying, but know you would get nowhere?
Did you ever look into their eyes and say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into their hands and wish that yours were there?
And then with luck, they come your way, and hold you oh so near.
Now your prayers have been answered, you have nothing to fear.
Did you ever feel their happiness and want so much to join it?
Did you ever whisper, "God I love you," but you would never let them know it?
Did you ever wonder where they are and wonder if it's true?
One minute you will find happiness, the next you will find you are blue.
The days go by so quickly, the weeks soon turn to years,
And the love that was so strong, soon will turn to tears.
And with this heart of sadness, you will wonder day and night.
Remember that you are losing them, no matter how hard you fight.
Do not ever fall in love my friend,
The price you will pay is high.
I think if I could choose from love or death,
I think I would choose to die.
And so my friend, do not fall in love,
You will hurt before you are through.
You see my friend, I ought to know,
I fell in love with you."

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