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Another purchase made.

1 "Fables Vol. 8: Wolves"
Bill Willingham; Paperback; $12.23

1 "Lucifer: Evensong - Volume 11 (Lucifer (Graphic Novels))"
Mike Carey; Paperback; $10.64

1 "StarCraft Battle Chest"
Windows; CD-ROM; $18.99

1 "B-Sides & Rarities"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; Audio CD; $22.99

1 "Oldboy (Three-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition)"
Min-sik Choi; DVD; $23.47

1 "The Infernal Affairs Trilogy (Infernal Affairs 1 / Infernal Affairs 2 / Infernal Affairs 3) (Special Collector's Edition Box Set)"
Andy Lau; DVD; $30.99

More Fables and Lucifer makes me happy. And so does more Nick Cave. Starcraft is for someone's birthday, since she has never played it. Oldboy is shocking and awesome. And Infernal Affairs is the movie that The Departed is based on.
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