hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

work work work

Angel is back from his vacation! He is the hardest working employee at our store, and he went to Virginia Beach all last week, leaving me to do a lot more than I am supposed to. He usually works about 65 hours a week.

Unfortunately, now Yuriy is going on vacation for two weeks, starting today. He's the store manager, and I will now have to do all of the things that he usually does. This means I'll be working every day, and doing all of the stupid paperwork that keeps the store running. I hope I don't forget anything important, like ordering cheese or submitting the payroll. In addition, the computers that we are using have been acting buggy, and the money has been coming up short every day. Thank God it started while Yuriy was still working, otherwise it would look like I was doing something wrong.
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