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No movie today. I have to go to sleep earlier and head to a family dinner this evening. Bah humbug! On the plus side, Christmas shopping brought in a lot of attractive women last night. There was one woman in particular, with black hair, black fingernails, black lipstick outline, two semi-visible tattoos... We chatted a bit until an elderly woman needed to be rung up.

There is a woman named Kristen working in the pharmacy that strongly reminds me of Katerina. Two of her sisters came in last night. I didn't know they were related until it came up in conversation. They are ages 19 and 35, so I asked them if the younger one was an accident. Nope. They have a total of SIXTEEN siblings in their family. I asked if they were Roman Catholic, knowing the answer already. Hehe.

And in World of Warcraft, Sean and I duoed Avalanchion today. We died several times, but eventually a plan finally worked. Woohoo!
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