hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

sunspots - by nin

sunspots cast a glare in my eyes
sometimes, i forget i'm alive
i feel it coming and i've got to get out of his way
i hear it calling and i come 'cause i can't disobey
i should not listen and i shouldn't believe but i do
yes i do

she turns me on
she makes it real
i have to apologize for the way i feel

my life it seems has taken a turn
why in the name of god would i ever want to return
peel off our skin, we're gonna burn what we were to the ground
fuck in the fire and we'll spread all the ashes around
i want to kill away the rest of what's left and i do
yes i do

she turns me on
she makes it real
i have to apologize for the way i feel

and nothing can stop me now
there is nothing to fear
and everything i'd ever want
is inside of here

no... no... no... no... inside of here
now i just stare into the sun
and i see everything i've done
i think i could have been someone
but i can't stop what has begun
when everything is said and done
and there is no place left to run
i think i used to be someone
and now i just stare into the sun

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