hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

nin concert last night

It has been eleven years since the last time I saw nin, on the downward spiral tour. Well, last night was great! My friend Chuck and I went, which was amusing, since we saw them together in 94 as well.

The Queens of the Stone Age opened up. Well, Death From Above 1979 was first, but we arrived late, and didn't seem to miss much, from what I heard of their performance. I am not a fan of QotSA, but I did recognize some of their songs, and they put on a good show. They seem awfully drug-oriented, though.

First, the bad news. Chuck ordered the tickets the afternoon of sales, not in the morning. Grr. Next time, I will order them. So, our seats were on the second level and to the left. Not facing left, but all the way left. So we missed whatever visuals were displayed at some points. And the Spectrum was packed, so we couldn't move elsewhere once nin started to perform. When nin started, the cage was closed off by a curtain, and filled with smoke. For the entire first song, we couldn't see anything. Thankfully, they pulled the curtains aside after that.

Most of With Teeth was played, which is not surprising. The actual song, With Teeth, was not played. Heh. Other songs played included Head Like a Hole (final song), Terrible Lie (fourth song), Something I Can Never Have (which still affects me 16 years after I started listening to it religiously), Pinion (first song), Wish, Gave Up, Suck (the only song I did not remember all the lyrics to - With Teeth lyrics do not count), March of the Pigs, Closer, A Warm Place, Eraser, Hurt, The Frail, The Wretched, Even Deeper, and Dead Souls (how many people there actually own Joy Division songs?). I wish they had performed more songs from The Fragile. And I know nin usually does not capitalize the song and album titles, but for a list like this, what the hell.

I was thinking about how much I love nin while I was there, and trying to figure out what exactly makes them/him my favorite band/artist. I think it's the honesty of the lyrics. Trent seems to have similar views to my own thoughts on how people actually are - base, selfish, smallminded, thoughtless, etc. The kicker is that he is human, and so am I. The self-awareness, and the maturing of the thoughts over the years, the refusal to just give up and end it all - it resonates for me. I have been listening since I was a teenager, and I am almost the same age as Trent. So, he is my version of My So Called Life, I suppose. And the last song on With Teeth makes me wonder where he is going next. I might as well post it right after this entry.

So, if nin is hitting your city, go and see them!

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