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Tuesday night, I went to Lenape Pizza with my Mom and Dad. It's run by Russians, some of whom are related to Sasha, a driver from Pizza Hut. He quit shortly after me, and works there now. I had chicken tenders and a burger, Mom had linguini with sausage, and Dad had lasagna. I also ordered a barbecued chicken pizza to take home. The food was excellent, and I brought Ukrainian honey pepper vodka for everyone to drink. It was fun. The URL is http://www.lenapepizza.com/ if you live near West Chester.

Last night, my friend Bret and I went and saw the movie Waiting. We laughed our asses off. It helped that we have both been waiters ourselves. If you have ever worked in a restaurant, watch this film. I am a big fan of Ryan Reynolds, but the whole cast was great. I do wish Dane Cook had more lines, though.
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