hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

I slept for 13 hours today, and it felt great!

Finished reading Twisted, by Johnathan Kellerman. Now I am halfway through The Historian, a vampire novel by Elizabeth Kostova. So far it's good, but not great. Sort of a cross between Dracula and The Da Vinci Code.

Kate will not be coming back to the US this summer. She failed an exam, which made her ineligible. I logged off after she told me she will not be able to work here. When I logged back on, her messages were "Where did you go?" "Are you angry with me?" And the last one, which really pissed me off... "It wasn't my fault :'(" So who is to blame, if not you? Sigh. I HATE the fact that most people don't accept responsibility for their own actions.

I am still playing WoW, and working most nights at CVS. Next week, a nine inch nails concert. I hope they play a lot from the fragile. I much prefer those songs to the ones from with teeth.
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