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Ah well, my vacation is now over. I start work tomorrow at CVS on the third shift. The people there seem OK, and the assistant manager is nice. I will probably be working 5 nights a week, and getting benefits.

I watched Be Cool. I preferred it to the book, and that is rare. Vince Vaughn and The Rock were hysterical. I also watched Being Julia. The plot was boring, but the acting was superb. It's worth watching once, just to see what Julia does near the end.

For reading, I have the last Susan Cooper book, and the seventh Black Company book by Glen Cook - number eight if you count The Silver Spike.

WoW update
Katerina 60
Hakeswill 56 +2
Hanse 50 +1
Perry 48 +2
Lenore 43 +2
Noone 23 +2
Feyeith 18 +1
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