hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Movies, movies, movies!

I decided to take a break from WoW for a bit, and watched three movies.

Romeo Must Die was OK. I had never seen it before, and the fight scenes were sometimes nifty. Worth watching once, I guess.

Cruel Intentions is the "updated" version of Les Liasons Dangereuses. I think Ryan Phillippe does an excellent job, but the rest of the cast isn't that great.

Valmont is a great version of Les Liasons Dangereuses. I am torn between this and Dangerous Liasons as my favorite. Colin Firth or John Malkovich... choices, choices. But Annette Bening is better than Glenn Close. I love period pieces, and I am not gay! I could watch A Room With a View every day and never get sick of it.

And after watching Valmont again, I just placed an order on Amazon!

"Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons) (270-Minute Extended Version in French) 2003"
DVD; $30.35

"Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960"
Roger Vadim; DVD; $9.68

"Dangerous Liaisons 1988"
Stephen Frears; DVD; $5.80

And I already own the book, in English. Soon, my collection will be complete!
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