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Time to update again. It's been a while.

Watched The Upside of Anger last night. Wonderful movie, and a great cast. It was very well done.

Read the sixth Harry Potter book. More mature than the others, and the best so far, but I would still only classify it as good. Roald Dahl and Susan Cooper are rolling over in their graves. Speaking of Susan Cooper, I recently read the first book in "The Dark is Rising" series, called Over Sea, Under Stone. I never knew this book existed! I read The Dark is Rising and Greenwitch when I was a child. After finishing this book, I ordered all of the series. If you do like Harry Potter, try out these from the 60s and 70s.

Work has been stressing me out, and that is stupid. TJ, our new store manager, has zero respect for the employees and never admits he is wrong, let alone apologizes. He also has zero communication skills. Sunday night, Angel came in on his night off to help me, since another employee quit after TJ cut his hours from the schedule. Monday night, he removed four hours from Angel's time log without telling him. Angel noticed it on Tuesday, and was furious! I called TJ, and he said that he would talk to Angel on Wednesday and take care of it. I called our district manager Mike, and also faxed him a copy of the time log. Mike is as big of a weasel as TJ, but he isn't as stupid as TJ. He wouldn't leave visible evidence of his treachery. According to corporate policy, changing time logs is grounds for suspension, and possibly termination. I highly doubt that Mike will do anything, though. Doug is off this week. Angel's vacation starts on Sunday. There is a good chance I will quit tomorrow, and leave TJ in the lurch. He deserves it. I don't feel comfortable working with him anymore. I wish Yuriy was still here.

If I do quit, I will take a month off and relax.

WoW update:
Katerina 60
Hakeswill 48 +3
Perry 38 +1
Hanse 37 +1
Lenore 37 +1
Noone 17 +9
Feyeith 15 +2

and since Garona was down, Hakeswill the level 10 tauren shaman is on another server!
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