hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,


"Come join my network at hi5!

I now have over 7 friends in my network! You can meet all of them, plus more than 12 million other Hi5 members! Once you join, you will immediately be connected to all the people in my circle of friends.

Hi5 is an online service that lets you meet new people, view photos, browse profiles, and chat with your friends.

I'll see you inside,


So, Katerina sent me an invite to join Hi5, some new incarnation of Sparkmatch, or something. When I joined, I had no contacts to add. It conveniently lets you add your friend list from Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. So, I added my hotmail list and the stupid program sent out invitations to everyone on my mailing list! Argh! Anyways, I am sorry I spammed people with that crap. Especially people I haven't spoken to in years. Lela got invites to two different email accounts. Sigh.

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