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I have been withdrawn again. It seems to be my "normal" state. Part of me wonders if I am painting myself into a corner. The rest of me doesn't care.

I saw Al yesterday for the first time in years. I wonder if he is what I will become.

Read Dan Brown this week. The Da Vinci Code on Monday and Tuesday, and Angels & Demons Wednesday and today. Both were good, but not great. I solved two of the puzzles in The Da Vinci Code, and laughed when the one I could not get turned out to be the name of Katerina's city, Sofia.

Musical selections today at work were:
The Sisters of Mecry - First and Last and Always
The Cure - Disintegration
Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man

I just feel tired, and grey. I need a vacation from the world as a whole, not just from work.
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