hakeswill (hakeswill) wrote,

Up Country

I finished Up Country at work tonight. It was much better than The Gold Coast. It's the story of a vet returning to Vietnam in 1997 to investigate the murder of a US lieutenant by a US captain in 1968. There is no wrapping up of the loose ends at the end, which slightly annoyed me, but made it more realistic.

I wonder how the book reads for a Vietnam vet.
I wonder how it was for Nelson DeMille to write it, being a vet himself.


"Do you ever feel that there's something missing in your life? Like something to believe in or to live for beyond yourself?"

"That sounds like an antagonistic question, though maybe I need to think more about that." She added, "We live in incredibly dull times. I think I would like to have been a college student in the Sixties. But I wasn't. So, a lot of this emptiness and shallowness is not my fault, or the fault of my generation."

"Do the times make the generation, or does the generation make the times?"
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