April 17th, 2011



Artists currently on my little mp3 player:

Awolnation - Megalithic Symphony
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It in People, Forgiveness Rock Record
Florence + the Machine - Lungs, and the B-sides
Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight
Frou Frou - Details
Glasser - Ring
Imogen Heap - I Megaphone, Speak For Yourself, Ellipse
Ivy - Long Distance
James - Hey Ma, The Morning After the Night Before
Lykke Li - Youth Novels
Röyksopp - The Understanding, Junior, Senior
Sigur Rós - Ny Batteri, Takk...
Sleigh Bells - Treats
And one Stars song, Dead Hearts.

Thanks to suggestions by customers, coworkers, and Amazon's albums when they're discounted!

Also, I recently downloaded Kitaro's Kojiki. Haven't listened to it in a long time. It's still awesome.
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    Lykke Li - Melodies & Desires