August 19th, 2006


walking and VAST

Did another fun 5.5 mile walk in Valley Forge today. My Mom and Dad went, as well as friends of the family. I kicked all their asses, then came home to fart around in WoW.

The VAST concert I was supposed to go to was originally scheduled for August 16th. My friend Charlie noticed it had been changed on the Grape Street Pub's website to the 23rd, so at least we saved ourselves a trip for nothing. I sent an email to ShinDig Tours on the 16th, saying this: "Hiya. This is the email I received from PayPal. But VAST is listed as appearing in Philadelphia at the Grape Street Pub on August 23rd. So, am I still on the list as already paid? Please respond back. Thanks." And today, I got a response from the lead singer of VAST. Whee... The reply was: "In a word, yes. We did post in all our usual places that the tour was being rescheduled and tickets were vaild for the shows no matter when they were purchased." It was neat to see his name in my in box. I don't know where "the usual places" are, though. Hehe. I'm still excited to be going to see them on Wednesday.