March 11th, 2006


WoW update

Katerina 60 night elf hunter (5/8 set)
Hakeswill 60 gnome warlock (6/8 set)
Lenore 60 human priest (7/8 set)
Hanse 60 +3 gnome rogue (4/8 set)
Perry 60 +3 dwarf paladin (4/8 set)
Noone 37 +3 gnome mage
Feyeith 37 +5 night elf druid
Petitmorte 36 +4 gnome warrior

I have been running my 5 60s through Scholomance and Stratholme pretty much every morning, trying to get set piece items to drop before the next patch makes them 5 person only. Also, my guild just blew up today. Our "esteemed" guild leader had apparently been stalking the single women in the guild. A lot of the leadership quit as a result, including me. We are debating joining an already existing guild, or making a new one. Some members already want to follow me, wherever I go. I felt a little flattered. I do not want to be a guild leader though. Too much responsibility.
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