December 17th, 2005


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I worked first shift on Thursday. Second shift on Friday. And I will be working third shift on Saturday. Needless to say, my sleep schedule is a little off-kilter. I think they are training me for those shifts in case I am needed due to a callout. Still, it was a fun change of pace.

WoW update
Katerina 60 night elf hunter
Hakeswill 60 gnome warlock
Lenore 60 +2 human priest
Hanse 57 +1 gnome rogue
Perry 56 +1 dwarf paladin
Noone 29 +1 gnome mage
Feyeith 29 +2 night elf druid
Petitmorte 26 +7 gnome warrior

And for the horde side on Windrunner:
Aragorc 18 +3 orc hunter
Hakeswill 14 +2 tauren shaman
Lasciel 13 +3 undead priest

My little horde players have 90 gold to their name already, as well as gear! Hah! Happy Winter's Veil questing! Not worth the rewards, but fun.