November 24th, 2005

His Infernal Majesty

HIM concert

Whew. I am finally home. I took the 4:30 train into Philadelphia to meet my friend Phil at 5:30. We had dinner at Independence Pub, or something like that. We browsed stores for a bit, and then headed to the concert. My tickets listed only HIM, and an 8:30 start. Instead, we had three bad opening acts (??? Ministry, Skindred, & Finch. Then we watched a video about HIM and waited some more! So much for taking a train back. Instead of leaving after only two HIM songs, we stayed until the end and took a bus back to Phil's. I grabbed his three Lord of the Ring's extended editions, and we sang along to Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime all the way back to my house. When we got to my house, I let Phil borrow 4 movies, 2 books, and a VNV Nation CD.

HIM was great, and made up for the other three bands. They played Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly, Right Here In My Arms, Soul on Fire, The Sacrament, Wicked Game, Your Sweet 666, Join Me In Death, Razorblade Kiss, It's All Tears (Drown In This Love), Vampire Heart, Under the Rose, Killing Loneliness, & Behind the Crimson Door. For the encore, they played The Funeral of Hearts and some song about a poison heart I had never heard before (not Poison Girl). There was a wide range of ages at the concert, including parents with their children, which I thought was pretty cool. I know my parents would never have taken me to a HIM concert as a teenager! One rather attractive mother decided to rub her ass against my crotch while her husband was standing next to her. I moved to the side a bit so all she could rub was the side of my leg. Hehe.
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