October 18th, 2005

His Infernal Majesty

Dark Light

I have the new HIM CD. I like it on the first listen.

I am getting my CVS coworkers addicted to the British TV show Coupling. So far, Kevin watched season 1 FOUR TIMES before moving on to season 2. Jeff has watched season 1 once, but plans on watching it again today. Heh.

A childhood friend came in last night. I haven't seen Bret in quite some time. He's a manager at Trader Joe's, so I gave him $60 and told him to buy a lot of stuff for me there. I know he's getting a pumpkin cheesecake and some more tiramisu gelato, but the rest will be a surprise. He's been married for years now, but Andrea's work schedule and his conflict. I told him, if you are in a relationship, spend as much time with your partner as you can. I don't know if he will listen, but at least I tried. Heck, in my brother's wedding book, I wrote "Make each other your first priority." I haven't changed my opinion.

Tuesday mornings still suck. Damn you, regularly scheduled WoW maintenance!!! So I guess I am off to bed early, so I can play some WoW before going into work tonight. And I am aware that WoW is still a poor substitute for a woman, but it's better than nothing.
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