September 1st, 2005


Under - by Brian Eno

When all the worlds are lost in snow
I have to move this meaning through
Disperse the force so far engendered
All near the steam and summer view
And then remain

Where steeples crash in fire and thunder
Where sheets of steel obscure the land
Where word and sense are torn asunder
Here was the place I chose to stand
Just when I think I'm going under,
I remain.

Well, all the waves of spin are foaming,
And fake muezzin steam and brew
Formed in the fire of all their longings
This is the way I took it through
Just when I think I'm going under
This is the way I thought it through
This is the way I took it under...


Watched Dangerous Liasons again recently. It is slightly better than Valmont, but both are fun to watch. I will have to watch the four and a half hour version from 2003 soon.

Just watched Sin City for the first time. Wow! One hell of a movie. I think I will have to watch it again before it goes back to Blockbuster. I might have to buy the graphic novels as well.
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And I just watched Sin City again, this time with Sean. I have never watched a movie twice in the same day before. But this one was worth it.