August 19th, 2005


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Ugh. I feel so full! My parents, my brother Kyle, his fiance Veronica, and myself went to Il Cantuccio for dinner in Philadelphia. It's a real Italian restaurant right out of The Food of Love. The food was amazing, and our server reminded me of the lead singer of VNV Nation. I ordered the spinach gnocchi, and sampled everyone else's dinners as well: veal, steak, calimari, etc. For dessert, I had yet another variation of tiramisu. Every restaurant seems to have it's own opinion of what it should be, and I like all of them.

If you are near Philly, definitely try Il Cantuccio. It's BYOB, and not too expensive. The gnocchi was $17. For reservations, call 215-627-6573. Warning: they do not accept credit cards.
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