June 22nd, 2005


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Watched Bottle Rocket last night. I liked it. And for a first movie, I think Wes Anderson did a great job.

Watched the third Matrix movie for the second time today. It's more enjoyable if you don't expect anything from it.

And now I am going to bed much too late. I was playing WoW with Sean, and we were doing an instance in Tanaris. Katerina the huntress kicked ass. *grin*

WoW update:
Katerina - 53 huntress
Hakeswill - 42 warlock
Perry - 36 paladin
Lenore - 33 priestess
Hanse - 27 rogue
Feyeith - 13 druid

Rescue Me

The new season started last night. I watched it today. Dang it, I was down to 0 hours of TV. But this show is compelling.