June 20th, 2005


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I pulled a double on Sunday. Bleh. The second customer of the day ordered 18 pizzas. Double bleh. He was a pain in the ass on the phone. When I asked him what time he wanted the pizzas, his response was "regular crust." Because of this order, carryout was 45 minutes, but people ordered anyways. One guy showed up 20 minutes after ordering, to check up on me. Moron. He got to wait for an additional 25 minutes. When the two guys showed up for the 18 pizza order, they brought more coupons than they listed on the phone, so I had to clear the old ones and start over. Needless to say, this did not make me any happier. Their bill came to $173 and change, and they paid with two $100 bills. When I made change for them, they tried to tip me $6, and I refused it. Then I started carrying the pizzas out to their car. They didn't carry any of the pizzas out, and I was getting even more pissed off. However, when I returned to the store, the $6 had magically transformed to a $20. What makes me laugh is that noone else in my store would have refused the $6. Sometimes, cutting off your nose to spite your face pays off!

Musical selections at work today were Dead Can Dance, Irfan, Everything But the Girl, VAST, and VNV Nation. The newest VNV Nation CD is growing on me. It's a little too upbeat for me at times, but I can't listen to doom and gloom all the time...

And after I finished at work, I stayed there for a few extra hours, reading Nelson DeMille's Spencerville. I knew that if I went home, the internet would claim my attention. I read the whole book today, and enjoyed it. It's his most romantic novel that I have read so far.
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