June 15th, 2005


VNV Nation concert

Backdating this to 11:59pm.

Met Phil at 11th and Market. Went to eat a buffet at Passage to India. Wanted a nap immediately, but alas. Wandered about until a little after 7, waiting for the Trocadero to open. Soman was the first opening band. Not bad, but typical dance music, with no lyrics, only sound bites. I bought a CD by them. The second act was unmemorable. I can't even remember their name, but it was something like Insipid Reaction (Phil's title for them.) VNV Nation was interesting. Ronan is NOT a good live singer. He would exhort the audience to sing along, but not follow the tempo of his own songs. But it did not really matter that much, because he was energetic and charismatic as hell! I had never heard the songs from Matter + Form that they played tonight, and it seemed I was not alone in that. The audience went nuts when the second song of the night was Joy (which Ronan called "the sword song") - the other crowd favorites were Legion, Standing, and of course, Dark Angel. I would give their performance a 9 out of 10. And now I own Matter + Form. I am listening to it right now, and getting ready to post the lyrics to one of their songs.