December 25th, 2004


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Yes, you guessed it. It's time for Steve's third annual Christmas mix for friends and family. I usually go for a totally depressing mix, but Katerina has changed that a bit. So, now it's only "mostly" depressing.

Oblivion Awaits

1 The Lighthouse's Tale - Nickel Creek
2 Sober - Third Eye Open (string tribute to Tool)
3 Wake Up in New York - Craig Armstrong featuring Evan Dando
4 Beloved - VNV Nation
5 In the Absence of Sun - Duncan Sheik
6 What Your Soul Sings - Massive Attack featuring Sinead O'Connor
7 Leif Erikson - Interpol
8 If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot
9 Under the Milky Way - The Church
10 Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
11 Protection - Massive Attack featuring Tracey Thorn
12 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - The Cure
13 Spell - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
14 How to Fight Loneliness - Wilco
15 Forsaken (vocal version) - VNV Nation