December 31st, 2003


Amazon - 2003

Posting this 10/31/2007

People are what they do. Where they spend their time and money. So for fun, I have decided to post my purchases by year from Amazon. Here it is, 2003!

August 4, 2003
1 of: A Winter Haunting [Mass Market Paperback] by Simmons, Dan
1 of: Worlds Enough & Time: Five Tales of Speculative Fiction by Dan Simmons
1 of: Grand Theft Auto 3 [CD-ROM]
1 of: The Sky Road [Mass Market Paperback] by MacLeod, Ken
1 of: Tandia PB: Photo CL [Hardcover] by Bryce Courtenay
1 of: Freedom Force
1 of: EverQuest: Trilogy
1 of: Cryptonomicon [Mass Market Paperback] by Stephenson, Neal
1 of: The Cassini Division [Mass Market Paperback] by MacLeod, Ken
1 of: The Stone Canal [Mass Market Paperback] by MacLeod, Ken
1 of: The Star Fraction [Paperback] by MacLeod, Ken

August 27, 2003
1 of: Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical
1 of: Everquest: Evolution

November 6, 2003
1 of: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
1 of: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 1
1 of: The Office - The Complete First Series
1 of: Coupling - The Complete Second Season

Amusingly enough, I have never played Grand Theft Auto 3, and my old trackball is still working.